Friday, February 24, 2006

It's a windy day, let's play a kite!

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We've all known that you can advertise on most anything - the moon even, if you are to believe some nutty ideas - the beach, on most foods like eggs and pizza crust. Well, now you can advertise in the sky to match the sand-ads that your target market is messing up by walking on it.

Let's remember our old beautiful childhood, what happens if there's no winds around, of course there'll be no kite. Hey what can you do with a kite? Okay we might flewn it, but further than that? Isn't it nice when people seen our kite flying high, a huge kite with well-designed shape?

That's my point, it's a new opportunity for brands to communicate through it, to the target down there. On the beach, village, city, anywhere as long there's a wind and there's no rain. Yes, kite ads are born. It was bound to happen.

According to a posting from, there's a great news our field. Here comes an innovative medium. Kite Billboard Inc. ( now is the first company in the world to offer advertising on kites used for Kitesurfing/ Kiteboarding, which is, today, the most exciting and eye-catching sport in the water sports industry.

This new advertising medium ultimately will be present on all the major beaches of the world. All major beaches, except where prohibited by law. I think you can read that line as "all major beaches in the United states".

It will provide Advertisers, Corporations and Institutions with an inexpensive and effective advertising/branding tool that can be deployed on any body of water in the world at a moments notice.


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