Friday, February 24, 2006

180's Adidas +10 Campaign: a campaign to be envied.

From SHOTS news, 180 Amsterdam, last year multiple winner for its Adidas Impossible Is Nothing campaign has developed a newly approach that used in new Adidas campaign for World Cup in Germany this June, +10 Campaign.

What's new about this kinda campaign?
180 has mixed reality TV and advertising in a new campaign for adidas in the lead-up to the World Cup in Germany this summer.

The +10 campaign features four spots, each following two of adidas's most high-profile players over a day as they picked players off the streets for a real match which happened later that same day. Players who feature in each of the recruitment films include Ashley Cole for England, Djibril Cisse for France and Alessandro Del Piero for Italy.

Andy Fackrell, executive creative director at 180, explained the idea: "+10 is all about team. But that can come across all worthy. Football is all about you finding ten mates, so it fell out of the equation quite early on. Importantly, we were looking for something that could springboard into events. 100,000 kids turned up in Mexico City to participate in the 'one day' version of these films, where they could get the chance to be on a superstar's team. So it's a very integrated concept in that way."

Each spot ends with the players, having picked a team, squaring up on the pitch and shaking hands just before kick-off. A link through to the website then appears on which viewers can watch highlights of each of the matches, with commentary.
180 had struck something interesting with the Beckham/Wilkinson spot a couple of years ago; that you didn't have to shout and try to be cool to engage people. Although these films look very random, they are actually quite disciplined in their structure. All the recruitment films are resolved in the actual games, played generally later the same day of the recruiting. There is a real honesty and truth that we wanted to get across.

The teams for each game were carefully selected. The match-ups to have a bit more spice so we picked up on close rivalries - Brazil v Argentina, Holland v Germany, England v France, Spain v Portugal, etc. The only one that was weird was Japan v Italy in Glasgow, but that helped it comically.

Also visit to take a look the creative freak behind this interesting project. Or take a look at for viewing the ads.


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