Thursday, February 23, 2006

Check your ads' medical up!

Big question about the effectiveness of the creative driven brand advertising in the business being asked everywhere around the hemisphere.
Advertising is art not a science. Yet while it's an art, we're determined to hone, refine and improve our work. My office, LB is so determined, that we've dedicated significant investment in a process, the GPC (Global Product Committee), to ensure we deliver engaging, effective, 'best in the world, bar none' work to our clients.

How can LB dealing with a product as subjective as advertising be specific about advertising standards? The solution is to score the work against our propietary 1-10 scale. The goal for is each submision to receive a 7+ score.

After each Q's GPC, all 7+ work is compiled onto a DVD, aand distributed across the entire network. Thus every LB fellas can learn, be inspired, and spot opportunities to improve their work for their clients. In addition, each office receives feedback on the work they've submitted.

The GPC rating scale:

10: Best in the world, bar none - a forever brand
9: Sets new standard in advertising
8: Sets new standard in category
7: Excellence in craft
6: Fresh idea(s)
5: Innovative strategy
4: Cliche
3: Not competitive
2: Destructive
1: Appaling

Is 7+ work effective in marketplace?

In fact, 7+ work has proven to be significantly more likely to exceed business objectives. LB, with the help of outside analyst, conducted research on a mixture of 5- and 7+ campaigns from around the world over a period of eight Qs. The results? Impressive! Indicating there's a 45% greater chance of exceeding business objectives with 7+ work. Conversely, there's a 75% chance of not meeting objectives with work scoring of 5 or below.

It's brilliantly means to share insight on our accounts. It's a truly unique tool for spotting new opportunities, most importantly it's how we ensure we continually raise the bar and deliver standard-setting and effective work to our clients.
So, trust me, the 'healthier' the ads (hey! should be a 7+! right?), the 'healthier' the brands in terms of business. Check your ad's medical up and try this out on your brand's works.


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