Monday, July 11, 2005

How proud is your proud?

This week, there's a task to make a PSA for one of cigarette brand. According to the brief to say one thing ".........." (can't be shared, hey it's a pitch). Regarding to that, we're trying to find out some insight about our country's independence day meaning. There's some question remained from the insight gathering made us ask to ourselves, "Hey, are you proud of being Indonesian or not? If yes, how proud is your proud?"
It's an open and unobligated question to be answered. Just reask yourself and think again :)


Anonymous tia said...

hmm..kalo gw bilang gw bangga jadi orang indonesia diluar segala macam intrik dan polemik yang peduli orang bilang apa tentang bangsa qta.
sebangga apa?
>>banyak gunung yang blom gw daki..
>>banyak laut yang lom gw selamin..
>>banyak hutan yang blom terjelajahi..
>>banyak bunga yang ga gw taw apa namanya..
>>banyak hewan yang ga gw taw spesiesnya..
>>banyak adat yang lom gw kenal..
>>banyak bahasa yang lom pernah gw denger..
>>banyak masakan yang lom pernah gw cicipin..
>>banyak alat musik yang aneh2..
>>banyak ritual yang ga gw pahami..
>>banyak pulau yang lom gw datangin..
>>banyak motif yang ternyata punya banyak makna..
>>gw juga bangga kalo film indo uda mulai bangkit..^ ^ (gw suka spirit sineas qta^ ^ ==> diluar kualitas filmnya,course..)
>>hmm..manyy..too manyy things..

kalo ga ada ga akan jd an taw deh belongs kemana..

4:47 PM  

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